Why Islam is against Terrorism?

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Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki by Haruki Murakami

According to the Internet, my name is a common girl’s name in the Arabian Peninsula. It is a very old one which means 100 female camels and refers to prosperity.  In Hindi, it means a “female red deer”. Other sources say it means a “strong woman,” a “female leader,” and/or a “warrior” based on the story of Hind Bint Abi Omaya. 

I have always been curious to know what some names mean and I was surprised to know that in the Japanese culture, names mean a lot.

Take the name Tsukurufor instance, it means “to build or to make,” and it is very descriptive of the nature of the novel’s main character who is a train station engineer. 

However, his last name “Tazaki” is where the trouble is and it’s not what it means that’s the problem, it’s what it doesn’t mean that ultimately causes all of his suffering.

In high school, Tsukuru had a close knit group of 4 friends, two boys and two girls, all of whom had colors in their surnames: Red, Blue, White and Black.

Climate Marches before U.N. Summit

Hello Blog friends,

The Summit on Climate change is taking place two weeks from now at the UN headquarters in New York and there is a serious sense that change is in the air, no pun intended.

The summit seeks to “advance climate change action and ambition”, and on the 23rd September it will bring together more world leaders to discuss climate change than at any moment since the ill-fated climate meeting in Copenhagen, five years ago.

It also aims to set the stage for UNFCCC ‘Conference of the Parties’ meetings in Lima this December, and Bonn and Paris next year.

What can I do?

In 24 HOURS, hundreds of thousands of people will march through the streets of the World calling for real action on climate change.

Tomorrow will be big, bold, and beautiful and you can be there to help bend the course of history.

Make sure you join a march in your city and raise awareness on Climate Change in your country.

You can check where your People’s Climate march will take right in this link.


4 things to do in Paris

When I think of Paris, I think of all the unusual things I still have to do in this magical city and I am not talking about visiting the Eiffel Tour, boat rides on the Seine or all the hot chocolate I enjoyed in pavement cafés. I will leave that to another post for sure.

According to me, traveling is all about getting off the beaten track and exploring some of the hidden delights of the places I visit and Paris is one of my favorite cities in the World because it always seems to offer new and exciting things to discover.

Here are 4 things I would recommend you to do in the City of Lights:

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