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Watch Road to Kabul exclusively on Icflix.com

Say it once: Road to Kabul. Doesn’t it sound as serious and threatening as the 1 p.m. News report? It does, but today, it is a Moroccan comedy film by director Ibrahim Chkiri that I am going to be reviewing for you and take it from me. You won’t be disappointed.

The film brought together some of the finest moroccan actors : Younès Bouab, Aziz Dadas, Boubker Rafik, Rabie Kati, Said Bey, Fatima Bouchan and Kalila Bounaylat who gathered to address an overrated topic : Immigration in a fresh, new way that we, as moroccans, weren’t accustomed to see in a number of previous films.
Our 4 main characters : Ali played by Younes Bouab, Mbarek played by Amine Naji, Hmida played by Rafik Boubker and Mesoud played by Rabii Kati dealt with many local issues in Casablanca such as unemployment, the dream of migration to the Netherlands, family disintegration, bribery, piracy and drugs. 
One day, Ali comes across an agent of illegal migration called Ouchen who convinced them of his expertise with a well designed office and a serious tone. The four friends managed to collect enough money to send just one of them and that was Hmida, who promised to help them all follow him to their dreamland.
Road to Kabul
However, Hmida just vanished with no sign of life and his friends eventually find out that he is not in the Netherlands but in Afghanistan. They decide to go after him and forced Ouchen to come along with them, on the road to Kabul.
You will laugh at the cynical way the movie portrays a global issue like the war on terrorism and the way it has supported extremist groups and even created « imaginary characters » to fulfill their agendas.
Throughout their journey, a series of misunderstandings will lead our four unfortunate fellows in more complex situations : In turn, they are mistaken for terrorists by the US military and then as traitors by the Taliban fundamentalists. The fours Casaouis will have the greatest difficulty in proving good faith to not get caught in the madness of the war-torn country. So they count on their Moroccan humor to face this incredible experience.
Road to Kabul has proved itself to be a Moroccan classic with its social critic, humanist fable and its rousing comedy that takes you in a 112 minutes of pure happiness and powerful imagery.
The movie has emerged as one of the most successful productions in national cinemas thanks to its realistic approach and the way the characters were portrayed in the most credible way. I can even go as far as to say that nothing escaped the satirical look of the director and the deeply endearing and intelligent characters. 

Road to Kabul was a nice surprise and did not fail to seduce national and international critics and the public and that is why it is a must see and I would strongly recommend you to watch it with your family and/or friends on exclusively on Icflix.com right here.

My Life In Pictures: Wanderlust In Busan

Hello Blog friends,

These are some of the pictures I took in Busan, South Korea.

That something about cities with Bridges…

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

Making a Korean Diary.

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

This is not Cinque Terre of Italy! It’s Taegeukdo also known as Gamcheong village in Korea.

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

It’s a long story…

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

Cherry Blossom.

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

A new destination, a new mission, a new adventure.

Une photo publiée par Hind Touissate (@accordingtohind) le

My experience in Beomeosa Buddhist Temple

On April 2nd, I had the delightful experience of attending the Beomeosa Temple.

Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa is actually one of nearly 20 Korean Buddhist temples that offer visitors the chance to experience the lifestyle of a monk and I would highly recommend you to do that if you’re ever in Busan, South Korea.

The temple has been constructed by a monk called Uisang during the time of the ancient Silla kingdom, and a few works of stone art in the temple are from the original Silla-era temple. It was burned to the ground in 1592 during the Japanese invasion and rebuilt in 1613.

South Korea Temple

My adventure began as we traveled a road to the Beomeosa Temple above Busan. Founded in 678, Beomeosa perches near the top of a tree-covered mountain and is one of Korea’s largest and most beautiful monasteries. More than 100 monks make their home here, some living at the main temple and others residing in hermitages and smaller temples scattered throughout the mountain and forest. All are part of a Buddhist sect that is the Korean form of Zen.

Our guide gave us an hour tour of the temple, detailing some of the history of the 1300 year old temple and explaining more about the practice of Buddhism. Then, it was lunch time and words won’t be able to describe how excited I was for it.

The lunch room was spare and unfurnished. As we settled onto mats arranged around the sides of the room, our director of instruction, explained the temple’s eating ceremony. 

Meal chant

Rule number 1: Take only what you can eat in deference to all of those who are hungry in the world.

Rule number 2: Eat in silence and don’t let anyone see your mouth while eating.

Rule number 3: Finish every single grain of rice in your bowls. There is no wasted food here.

The food was nutritious, filling and I simply loved it: Vegetables, rice and soup.

Temple food

At the end, we scrubbed our bowls with a slice of radish, water and chopsticks.

First, you pour clean water into your empty rice bowl, take your radish and begin to scrub the bowl with your chopsticks. Then you pour the same water into your soup bowl and scrub the soup bowl and repeat the process again for your side dish bowl. After all three bowls are cleaned with your radish and chopsticks, you drink the water and finish it all off by eating your radish. 

I personally trusted the Monk and drank it and in my head, it was the scene from the Matrix where Neo had to choose between the blue or the red pill… If you see what I mean.

Anyway, we were a few to do drink the water and looking back at it, the Monk was right, it is all a matter of perception, so get rid of all your prejudgments and find beauty in everything and everyone.

Beomeosa temple

My visit to the Buddhist temple was a wonderful learning experience and I encourage all of us to take advantage of all the many learning opportunities we have around the World.

Would you drink the water? 


Road Accidents in Morocco… The tragedy continues !

I spent the last 30 minutes reading articles about “Road accidents in Morocco” and I’m now sitting here, thinking about all those people who probably had big dreams for themselves, their children and the World… It literally makes my head spin.

I read stories of people who considered themselves the luckiest people in the World for surviving a crash, but there were also stories of other people who were less fortunate, people who didn’t see it coming at all and whose lives changed forever!

And those were the stories of more than 4,200 people who died in road accidents in Morocco last year, according to the transport ministry, an increase of 11.6% on the previous year.

Unfortunately, the story is still not over!

accidents in Morocco

Yesterday’s story was the tragedy of a bus accident in Tan Tan, Morocco.  This latter carried 50 people on board and collided with another vehicle, claiming the lives of more than 30 people, mostly children aged between 10 and 14 years old.

These kids were participating in the 6th National school games in Rabat, Temara and Benslimane earlier this week.

The question now is: Who’s at fault in this accident? 

I wish I had the answer…

I wish all the injured people would get better soon…

I want some explanations will be given to the victims’ families…

I wish Moroccans will drive more responsibly…

And I want our TV channels to show a little more compassion…

Yes, I’m wishing and I think everybody’s job is to preach all the people they know about the importance of responsible driving. We’re only human, we’re very vulnerable and we can easily be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

So, please, use all precautions to ensure your family and friends’ safety.

Make sure to keep everyone buckled up, as well as yourself and drive safely and responsibly!

My thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to all the victims’ families.

May their souls find peace and their loved ones find comfort.

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