Top 5 movies of July

Dear Blog friends,

First, I really need to get this out of my chest: July was a good month for horror and comedy movies lovers but I’d rather become an ape myself than watch another Planet of the Apes movie. At least something other than my brain now knows.

With that being said and cleared out, here are my 5 favourite movies that came out this july:

Top 5 July Movies

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Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger

It started one year ago with one single man standing in the streets of Rabat while holding a sweet message as simple as: Happy Eid.

A year later, I sat down with Louay to discuss this year’s edition of “Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger”; an initiative that gathered 50+ youth from 6 different cities, all holding the same message as last year to a wider niche of strangers on different streets.

Wish a Happy Eid to a stranger

Why did you start the “Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger”?

It has been more than three years that I haven’t celebrated Eid in Morocco. When I was finally back early 2013, I wanted to make something special. Eid is usually celebrated among the members of one family within which greetings are a way to get closer to one another. So I thought I should celebrate this special feast with everybody, giving to the family a bigger scale, whose members blood type is “humanity”.

From a single man to 50 youth and from one city to 5 extra cities? What does it feel like ?

It feels great to see youth being involved with their beautiful spirits and positive energy in such an initiative. It means above all that people really want to carry upon the idea of being tolerant, kind and open to one another no matter what the differences are.

Can we expect this fresh breeze of positivity to go beyond Morocco in the upcoming years ?

It did actually cross borders in this edition which is pretty special and amazing especially because it was done by a non-muslim in southampton who even thought about making cookies with Eid on top of them to share them with the people. I think here lies the core of the idea. It is about spreading goodness and positive energy around and giving unconditionally beyond ethnicity, race, religion.

How do you think actions like these can help communities ?

Such actions are easy to do but hold a huge impact. It is translated into reviving human values and strengthening relationships among people with one community. To feel the joy of giving without waiting for something back is just phenomenal. We don’t want to loose that.

A quick message from you to all the people who helped spread this positive message yesterday ?

The quick message will be: Keep that positive energy on, find more and more “excuses” to spread it, and it’s what differentiates best a “thinker” from a “doer”.

What do you think of “Wish a happy Eid to a stranger” ?