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My Life in Pictures: Start a photo diary now

Hello Blog friends, 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed how much I am obsessed with this app.

So today, I’m sharing some Instagram photos I’ve shared in the past 3 weeks.

Remember, you do not have to be a professional photographer to take great Instagram photos, and you do not have to own a nice camera.

Start making long lasting memories and make your own photo diary !



Top 5 August movies

August offers a diverse selection of movies every single year and whether or not any of the films will deliver at the box office is a question mark to everyone.

I definitely have more than 5 movies on my list to watch but here are the 5 august films I’ll be looking forward to watch:

Top 5 Street Art Graffitis in Morocco

I remember stumbling on this Street Art in Rabat’s National Library about 2 years ago and I also remember being so surprised with it being whipped in white a few months later.

I wondered why ?

Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume du Maroc

Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume du Maroc in 2011

Why would anyone dye a wall with a boring white color after it looked so cool and colorful.

This kind of Art has reshaped our human heritage and should be encouraged instead of being whipped out of moroccan walls.

In the past few years, a lot of artistic and political slogans have been craved indelibly into the concretes or sprayed temporarily into surfaces around our country, commenting with images and words on the situation of moroccan youth and as far as the ones that I have been lucky to see, they beautifully covered every inch of those walls with layers upon layers of color and life.

That’s why I strongly believe that we should give real young moroccan artists the freedom to turn the walls of Morocco into an open air museum.

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